Lindsay Burkatsky, BA (Hons Psych), MEd Counselling Psychology / Vocational Rehabilitation, CVRP, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Lindsay has worked with Seasons since November 2012.  During that time she has worked as a Rehab Assistant, a Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant, the Program Coordinator for Seasons Change Employment Program, and now, having completed her Masters of Education, as a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist. Lindsay also has prior experience in the social service industry working with youth in residential care and people with cognitive disabilities. She chose her career path because she saw the opportunity to take each individual’s circumstances and use knowledge and skill acquisition to help them achieve a fulfilled life. Impossibly positive, Lindsay uses encouragement and motivation to assist others to make healthy changes and loves finding the best ways to meet her clients’ needs. She is a font of knowledge about nutrition, health and wellness and loves to share this with others. An “off the grid” outdoors person, Lindsay loves being in nature hiking, fishing, kayaking and camping.

Lorraine Mallon, Employment Specialist

Lorraine works with clients of both the Vocational Rehabilitation Team and the Seasons Change Employment Program (WorkBC). She specializes in matching you with the right employer, helping to ensure your long term job sustainment.


Lorraine's involvement in the human/social services field took flight in early 1990. She began her career working with children and families, then with care providers in a supported and regulated environment, and most recently working with senior adults in our community. Lorraine helps people achieve and/or regain the self-determination to thrive and to feel accomplished, particularly through their employment and new found careers. "As an Employment Specialist, I also want to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our business community in Kamloops. We are extremely fortunate to have such a vibrant and caring business community here." By encouraging her clients' confidence, belief in themselves and their abilities, Lorraine inspires others to be brave enough to find and secure meaningful employment and understand the benefits of this in their lives. Lorraine says, "It's life changing for them and to be a part of this is incredibly rewarding; it's what drives me to do what I do with our clients." She is passionate about creating healthy, respectful relationships that nurture trust and integrity, and about teaching people how to create and sustain healthy lifestyles through whole life wellness. Time away from Seasons finds Lorraine cooking; food is her absolute passion and her happiest place is in any kitchen, either cooking for herself or others. Her next favorite place to be is back in Ireland, with all her old friends and family.

Dawn MacKenzie, RRP, CVRP, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Fate or grand design? ‘Birthing’ Seasons was an act of love and grew out of a passion to make a difference in the world. That hasn’t changed over the years.” Co-founder of Seasons Consulting Group Ltd., Dawn has worked in the industry for 20+ years, making her extraordinary at developing services that make a difference in the lives of our clients. She says “As a social worker I have loved working directly to help people find work and become self sufficient. I love to help people feel hopeful. I think I don’t solve problems for any of my clients, but I do offer other possibilities for them to consider.” Dawn also turns her talents to quality assurance and staff training in her role as Clinical Director. Siren calls for Dawn when work is done? “My family, especially now with 3 little grandbabes.” She is also to be found on the water in her kayak, in her garden, sewing for her grandbabies, or snuggled up reading a medieval murder mystery (or anything else she can get her hands on!).

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