ICBC Changes Mean Early Treatment for You - April 2020

Back in April 2019, ICBC made significant changes to their rehabilitation model. They are now focused on early intervention, meaning you can receive 12 PRE-APPROVED treatment sessions for emotional support (counselling) and physical recovery (kinesiology) IF you receive these in the FIRST 12 WEEKS following your accident.

If you are having trouble completing your daily activities, you likely need Occupational Therapy assessment; this service must be recommended by your doctor.

We provide all these services IN PERSON (using distancing and masks) in and around Kamloops, or VIRTUALLY, wherever you might be in BC.


~ Your name, address, phone number and email address

~ Date of your accident

~ Your ICBC Claim Number

For Occupational Therapy only

~ Your doctor's note stating your injuries make it difficult for you to complete your Activities of Daily Living and you need Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment

Research shows that earlier treatment leads to qucker and stronger recovery. For more information: 250-314-0733 x215 or email

Stay safe!

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