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Occupational Therapy

Are you wondering about assessment and treatment services for someone has been in a motor vehicle accident or work place accident, or for someone living with a loss of ability related to a diagnosed medical issue such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Huntington's disease, arthritis, stroke, low vision, fibromyalgia, HIV, or other medical conditions that impact the ability to carry out daily activities?  Do you want to know about services for someone who has difficulty remembering things, organizing tasks, or judging how to do something safely, which may be related to head injury, stroke, aging or dementia. Our community based rehabilitation services, delivered by registered occupational therapists and specialized rehabilitation assistants, could be what you need.  TELL ME MORE



Are you or someone you know struggling to recover physically from an accident or illness? Our Rehabilitation Kinesiologists are specially trained to work with people who have been injured or severely ill.  There's no 'boot camp' here; we assess you fully and design a customized program over the time frame that will work for you.  We help you set realistic physical goals in order to get back to pre-injury / illness physical condition as closely and as painlessly as possible.  Your program may include pool therapy and / or dry land training and, when you are ready, work conditioning exercises that prepare you to return to employment.  TELL ME MORE


Counselling for Trauma

The person you are concerned about may have problems carrying out their daily activities because of low mood, anxiety, stress, pain, or fatigue. You might be worried about someone who is struggling to be productive or to build and maintain relationships with those around them. They may have learning differences that lead to these difficulties and there may be other issues. Our registered clinical counsellors offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to meet your needs and help you feel more like yourself.  We also offer couples and family therapy, either in office or in your home, face-to-face or by secure video conferencing. Conversely, you may be best served by secure e-counselling, especially useful if real-time sessions are difficult for you. Our counselling and life skills services are delivered by registered social workers and registered clinical counsellors. We use a variety of therapeutic modalities, dependent upon the needs of the individual and the issues they face.  TELL ME MORE


Employment Programs

Free to anyone who is legally eligible to work in BC, our Seasons Change Employment Program and our Rise Employment Training Program are both fully funded by the Province of BC for people who have experienced violence or abuse of any type: physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, or financial over their lifetimes. Our Employment Advisors and Employment Specialists know what you're up against, and they work with you to plan the most realistic 'next steps' on the journey to sustainable employment. This will include vocational assessments, employment-readiness counselling, skills training, job search support or direct job placement, and job coaching, depending on your needs and eligibility. If you want to change your life by working towards eventual employment, either part-time or full-time, and you don't know where to start, we can help.  TELL ME MORE

Vocational Evaluation / Return to Work

Do you want to go work or decide on a career but you are unsure how to start?  Vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work services are designed for those who are recovering from an accident or are now living with a chronic illness or injury, and who need support to go back to work. Our vocational rehabilitation professionals, functional capacity evaluators, ergonomic specialists, job developers, job placement coordinators, and/or job coaches can help you find work in an occupation that makes the most of your interests, aptitudes, personality, and values, while taking into consideration your current medical condition.  TELL ME MORE


Medical - Legal

Requested by legal counsel throughout the province, our Medical-Legal services team provide Cost of Future Care / Life Care Plans for the settlement of traumatic brain injury and other complex presentations, Critique / Rebuttal, and Loss of Services opinions. Our Medical-Legal services are provided by our most experienced Occupational Therapists who have been accepted as Expert Witnesses.  TELL ME MORE


Are you looking for help with something else you don't see here? Contact us today, so we can help you find the support you need. 

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