Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists focus on providing Community-Based Rehabilitation Services to assist people of all ages who are recovering from illness or injury. From hospital discharge coordination and recommendations for equipment and home modifications to long-term cognitive rehabilitation programming for people living with traumatic brain injury, our Occupational Therapists bring a wide range of experiences to every situation.  Our rehabilitation services are aimed at maximizing ability and promoting and maintaining independence.  We work with people living with acquired brain injury, orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries, psychiatric conditions, and diseases of aging.


The goal of Occupational Therapy is to promote health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful occupations such as looking after ourselves and others, enjoying life, and being socially and economically productive. Occupational Therapy assessments assist people to understand their strengths and limitations, set meaningful goals for recovery, and focus rehabilitation on returning them to their "occupations" as soon as possible.


  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication

  • Home Safety

  • Functional Assessment

  • Cognitive Assessment

  • Medical Equipment & Prescriptions

  • Seating & Mobility


Rehabilitation programming is planned and conducted by an Occupational Therapist and may include the services of a Rehabilitation Assistant or support worker.  This ensures that your recovery is progressing on a schedule that is right for you.  Your Occupational Therapist is responsible for training and supervising the Rehabilitation Assistant working with you. Your rehabilitation program may include:


  • Activation

  • Assistive technology

  • Exercise programming

  • Brain training

  • Education regarding your injury

  • Chronic pain management

  • Relearning basic, pre-injury skills

  • Advocacy and support


Following a brain injury you may experience difficulties with attention, visual processing, memory, information processing, reasoning, decision making, impulsivity and judgment. Cognitive rehabilitation begins with standardized assessment, then continues within an individualized, structured, activity-based process of re-learning essential cognitive skills. 


When you are not feeling well it is hard to "get up and get going".  Activation supports can help you take the first steps towards increasing your independence on a daily basis. It most often takes place in both your home and community. You and your occupational therapist determine your activation program; a rehabilitation assistant or support worker helps you implement it.  


An occupational therapist will work closely with you to determine your needs related to assistive technology. Recommendations may be made for devices as 'low-tech' as a cane to as 'high tech' as the most current communication software for your computer. 


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