Sue Woods, BSc OT, Team Lead

Sue has been working as a private practice Occupational Therapist for over 23 years, and has been with Seasons Health Therapies since 2006. Sue has a special interest in brain injury and concussion rehab, and in complex rehabilitation. She has extensive experience conducting Cost of Future Care / Life Care Plans and has been accepted as an Expert Witness in the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition to her own busy practice, Sue has been mentoring new OTs to develop individual practice skills in the fast changing private insurance environment. Her interests outside of work include her gardening and stained glass, home renovations, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming.

Cam McKay, BSc Kin, BSc OT, PGAP

Cam has been a practicing OT for 17 years, most of it in the city of Kamloops. His areas of expertise include ergonomics, home health and equipment, exercise prescription, traumatic brain injury and Progressive Goal Attainment programming. Cam says “Working for Seasons allows me to make a difference immediately for many clients. I love the flexibility to make my own schedule, the quality of the management and colleagues is outstanding, the support for continuing education – it’s the best place I’ve ever worked!” Outside of work, Cam says music is a huge part of his life, both as an active fan and a talented drummer. His repertoire includes rock music (Black Keys, White Stripes, Big Sugar, AC/DC, Stooges and Rich Hope) as well as blues, jazz, swing, and even French dinner music (complete with accordion)! Cam is also an active athlete, an avid basketball player, a certified and amazing yoga instructor and a hugely involved dad.

Mike Terpenning, BSc OT, CWCE, PGAP

Mike has been working in the rehabilitation industry as an OT since 1989. He was attracted to the OT profession because it offered him an opportunity to explore his interests in creative problem solving, motivating people and advancing their physical abilities on a daily basis. Mike thrives on working with people to ensure a safe return to work that is both durable and rewarding. Seeing people succeed in their rehabilitation is what floats one of Mike’s boats. His other one is floated by his elite level capability in the rowing arena. Mike says “What’s important to me in my OT practice is having a good knowledbe base from which to assist people in meeting their goals.” Fitness is a personal passion of Mike’s, and he is also a talented mechanic and general all around construction guru for the entire company. On a Sunday afternoon, Mike is to be found outside somewhere, fixing something.

Carolyn McNeely, MSc OT

Carolyn is an Occupational Therapy MSc graduate from the University of Alberta and joined the Seasons team of Occupational Therapists in November 2016. Her passion for Occupational Therapy comes from her desire to help people better their lives and it puts to use her personal passion for creativity. She says, “I love to help people find creative solutions to their problems and watch them succeed. I want everyone to have the skills and resources for happiness and success.” When Carolyn is not wholeheartedly dedicated to helping her clients, you can find her engaged in copious activities: reading, hiking, volunteering or backpacking in a foreign country. Of course, we must not forget the profound impact that Harry Potter has made on Carolyn’s life!

Jaquelyn Lukow, BHK, MOT

Jaquelyn obtained her undergrad degree in Human Kinetics in Kelowna and went on to complete her Masters of Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia in 2018. She has always loved helping people and finds the profession of occupational therapy an amazing way for her to continue helping others in her working life. “I’m able to help people do the things they need or want to do,” says Jaquelyn. “As an example, helping clients be more independent in their daily activities using adaptive equipment and innovative technologies is a huge interest of mine.” What excites Jaquelyn most about occupational therapy and the work she does is that she can recognize the uniqueness of each person and address the goals, values, and priorities of each individual.  “That is what makes every day of my work different!”, reports Jaquelyn. She especially loves working with children on the autism spectrum and their families. In addition to her passion for helping people function in their daily lives, Jaquelyn has a keen interest in working with people with concussions. Outside of work, she is particularly intrigued by travel, and a typical Sunday afternoon might find her hiking, playing pickleball, skiing, or snowshoeing. If she can’t be outside, Jaquelyn can be found wrapped up in a good book.

Lourine Koide, BOT

Lourine has been a working OT for over 10 years, many of those working with children on the autism spectrum and their families. She wholeheartedly believes in the philosophy on which her profession is based: holistic practice. She chose her career path because, at the end of the day, she wanted to be part of something that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Lourine says “I believe in a holistic approach, and thrive at helping clients to be kind to themselves while letting go of procrastination and other habits that stand in the way of goal setting and achievement.” She adds “Taking part in meaningful activities is good for everybody, regardless of the challenges that one faces. But helping people with particular challenges achieve this more fully adds value to another person’s life in a very practical way.” Lourine is passionate about finding peace within while facing the turmoil of reality. She promotes careful planning to ensure actions taken have a positive outcome. She is also passionate about the environment, particularly our marine life, and enjoys travel, biking, swimming, music and her puppy!

Amanda McCoy, BSc., MSc. OT

Amanda re-joins the Seasons team in July 2020. Having previously worked at Seasons as a Rehabilitation Assistant, Amanda came to realize that Occupational Therapy is her dream career. Originally from Kamloops, Amanda graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Amanda says, “I chose to become an OT because of the fulfillment I feel in helping others with returning to the occupations and activities that they are eager to get back to. And, since every situation and individual is unique, my work is never boring”. As an OT, Amanda enjoys having  the opportunity to provide education and guidance which allows her clients to promote their own health and wellness to reach their goals. When she’s not working or spending time with friends and family, she can be found rock climbing, playing disc golf, or reading a good fantasy novel.

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