Neuroplasticity is the process of retraining the central nervous system, comprised of the brain and spinal cord, to regain function after injury. MyndMove™, a neurorehabilitation therapy that promotes neuroplasticity and “muscle memory”, makes it possible for you to voluntarily move your entire arm, hand and fingers again. Being able to grasp a pen, raise a spoon to your mouth, or do up buttons can make all the difference in your quality of life.


What can You Expect?

MyndMove is a non-invasive, functional electrical stimulation therapy (FES) used to restore muscle function after stroke, brain injury, or paralysis. Using a single stimulator from shoulder to fingers, the MyndMove device allows very small electrical pulses to be conducted to the affected muscles via electrodes placed on the skin. The stimulation causes the muscles to contract and the movement of that contraction sends a signal from the muscle to the brain. This coordinated effort trains a new neural pathway that allows recovery of voluntary movement.  















Is This for You?

If you have paralysis in your arm or hand after a stroke, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury, and want to regain the use of your arms or hands to become more independent in your daily life, MyndMove could help. After 20 or more hours of therapy, clients are often able to control some movement in the arm and hand voluntarily. Results are unique to the individual, with some people experiencing gains earlier, and others needing longer periods of therapy.  


MyndMove was approved by Health Canada in 2012, and Seasons Health Therapies is BC’s only Interior provider of this service, with one other in the lower mainland and one on Vancouver Island. If you would like to know more about MyndMove, call or email us to arrange a FREE Information Session by phone or video-conference. MyndMove is a fee for service prescription therapy.


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What do You Want to Do?


· Pick up and use a cup, utensils, or your toothbrush  


· Use a pen, pencil or stylus


· Bring your hand to your mouth


· Reach to the side of your body


· Reach forward

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