EMPLOYER SOLUTIONS is our newest stream of services and is there to address all the problems Employers have. Whether you want help with pre-hire testing, Occupational Health and Safety consulting, Train the Trainer safety classes, disability management, or on-site ergonomics, we're here for you.



Hiring for success is so difficult. Many applicants; not sure which is the right one... some interview better than others. Does that mean they'll be the best worker?


Right now, you're guessing, based on a face to face interview and maybe some reference checks, whether or not your candidates will turn out to be your company's assets or liabilities. We'd like to make your guesses more accurate. Here's how:


  1. Aptitude testing (innate skills): aptitudes that are close to what you need in the position for which you're hiring will increase your success

  2. Acquired Skills testing (skills the individual has learned):  

  3. Cognitive testing (how people think and process information): a strong match between the needs of your position and the results of your candidate increases success

  4. Achievement testing (grade level of reading and math): a close match to your needs and the achievement test results of your candidates will increase success

  5. Personality testing (personal qualities): is the candidate a team player? Can she accept feedback? Is he reliable and responsible? Personality testing takes the guess work out of making the choice. 

From advertising for the position you need to fill, to shortlisting resumes, interviewing candidates, and onboarding your chosen worker, we can help you make better hiring decisions.   

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COVID has forced many of us into the "remote world." Working from home has become the "New Normal." We work with our dogs under the desk and cats on top. We do the laundry on breaks. We start work a little later and finish a little earlier. There are so many wonderful things about working from home!


What's not wonderful is the number of new work injuries - musculo-skeletal injuries. This comes about when desk workstations are left at the office and not replicated at home. And as the Employer, you are responsible for making sure your workers are safe, even when they work from home. Working on a kitchen table is uncomfortable, at best, and dangerous, at worst, but getting around this is easy. 


Our in-home, ergonomic assessments are easy for you to meet your responsibilities. Conducted by our experienced Occupational Therapists and maintaining all COVID safety protocol, assessing and ensuring worker safety is considered an "essential service." During this assessment you can expect the OT to observe, measure and adjust your worker's current work setting to optimal. Further recommendations are made in the written report for you to keep on file, demonstrating your commitment to your worker's safety whenever you are asked by WorksafeBC.  


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