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Our Kinesiologists have completed degrees in the study of human movement, and its impact on health, social activities, and quality of life. Instead of working with high performance athletes, our Rehabilitation Kinesiologists have chosen to specialize in working with people who are preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, or the physical changes that come along with aging. Whether you have experienced a motor vehicle or work place accident, a stroke, a chronic or persistent pain condition or are preparing for or recovering from surgery, we can help through Kinesiology Assessment & Customized Program Development.

What You Can Expect

​Step 1: You meet 1 to 1 with one of our Kinesiologists for a full physical assessment, including review of any medical records available (ie: from your physician, your Occupational Therapist, or your Physiotherapist).

Step 2: Using the assessment results from Step 1, the Kinesiologist develops an Active Rehabilitation plan specifically for you, to help you recover from your injuries or acquired health conditions, and to meet your goals. Your Active Rehabilitation plan might focus on regaining your overall physical functioning for return to your Activities of Daily Living, or it might be more comprehensive, helping you return to your employment with the ability to complete all the range of motion, strength, and endurance activities required by your job. Your program might include pool, dry land, and work conditioning activities.

Step 3: You meet 1 to 1 with your Kinesiologist up to several times per week when you begin your Active Rehab program. The frequency of these sessions lessens as time goes by and as you become comfortable with your program. Safe progressions in repetitions or weights are prescribed by your Kinesiologist on a regular basis, according to your progress.


  • ​​Assessment, including Medical Review for exercise-readiness

  • Customized program development (active rehabilitation)

  • 1 to 1 Kinesiology support to implement your Active Rehab plan

  • Hydrotherapy (pool program) 

  • Work Conditioning: Part-time (mornings only); Full-time (6 hours / day)

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS); for eligible clients


     Exercise improves your range of motion, strength, and endurance,

     but it has also been proven to reduce symptoms of depression, the risks of

     cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and improve sleep and

     immune system functioning.  We can help you get healthy!

Is CHRONIC PAIN STOPPING you from being active?



This is yoga, right? No. Is it meditation? No, again. Mindful Movement Therapy (MMT) very gently teaches you how to notice and feel what's happening in your body, without fear or judgement. It starts with breathing; breathing is movement, then we teach you how to practice the techniques wherever you are, whenever you need. MMT goal: improve your quality of life, one breath at a time. 


Mindful Movement Therapy (MMT) is a mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) program offered by Seasons Health Therapies. MMT teaches you how to combine your awareness of your body with gentle movements and mindfulness techniques in order to understand and reduce your experience of chronic pain, and the anxiety that so often accompanies it. Sessions are held twice weekly for 1 hour each time over 8 weeks in our Kamloops clinic.  

*For a full review of the research conducted on Mindfulness Based Interventions, see Reiner, Keren, Tibi, Lee, Lipsitz, Joshua. Do Mindfulness-Based Interventions Reduce Pain Intensity:  A Critical Review of the Literature. 2013 Pain Medicine; 14: 230 – 242. Wiley Periodicals, Inc.​


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