Michelle Arnould, Program Coordinator

Michelle walked through the door at Seasons in 2013 to interview for a different position than this, but we recognized her incredible value in this program and kept her for the full day. Her skills are a perfect match for her work with clients in the Seasons Change Program and Michelle is thrilled to be “working alongside some of the most amazing people; every day I feel both privileged and humbled.” She thrives at promoting hope for her clients and watches them as they realize their strengths and potential. A promoter of social justice and equal opportunity, Michelle admits the biggest excitement in her work comes from seeing people succeed in reaching their goals. An eclectic mix of adventures attracts Michelle on her days off – she could be anywhere!

Lorraine Mallon, Employment Specialist

Lorraine's involvement in the human/social services field took flight in early 1990. She began her career working with children and families, then with care providers in a supported and regulated environment, and most recently working with senior adults in our community. Lorraine helps people achieve and/or regain the self-determination to thrive and to feel accomplished, particularly through their employment and new found careers. "As an Employment Specialist, I also want to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our business community in Kamloops. We are extremely fortunate to have such a vibrant and caring business community here." By encouraging her clients' confidence, belief in themselves and their abilities, Lorraine inspires others to be brave enough to find and secure meaningful employment and understand the benefits of this in their lives. Lorraine says, "It's life changing for them and to be a part of this is incredibly rewarding; it's what drives me to do what I do with our clients." She is passionate about creating healthy, respectful relationships that nurture trust and integrity, and about teaching people how to create and sustain healthy lifestyles through whole life wellness. Time away from Seasons finds Lorraine cooking; food is her absolute passion and her happiest place is in any kitchen, either cooking for herself or others. Her next favorite place to be is back in Ireland, with all her old friends and family.

Tory LeBeau, Employment Advisor

Tory graduated from Thompson River University with her Bachelor of Social Work in April 2020. After completing her practicum placement at Seasons Health Therapies she joined the team in May 2020. Her compassion for others and her excitement in seeing people build on their strengths and achieve their goals has driven her passion in social work. Going into this profession, Tory says “I wasn’t sure of the direction I’d be taking, but working alongside strong individuals and seeing positive changes has brought me to this amazing team.”  In her spare time, Tory enjoys spending it at the beach with her lovable dog, with family and friends or anywhere reading a good book.

Theresa Busch, Administrative Assistant

Theresa has worked in the administrative field for 25 years, and sees her role as being at the ‘hub’ of any business, the centre that keeps organizations running smoothly!  Theresa says “I enjoy being part of  a bigger picture that provides support to a team or client. Making a difference means a lot no matter how the contribution is made.”  She enjoys having the opportunity to be an active listener and the rewards of being part of a solution. Weekends find her surrounded by family and friends, be that at a grandchild’s sporting event or at lunch with a friend. 

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