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Seasons Health Therapies

See a Physician Online!

See a Physician online for FREE. All you'll need is your BC Personal Health Care Number! Start by creating your access virtual account on the Access Virtual Website Describe your symptoms Connect with a clinician Review your care plan All Access Virtual Physician's are licensed to practice within the Canadian private or public medical systems. Patients are always connected to a practitioner licensed in the province in which they reside. 

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Adults with Autism

When Lyric Holmans was diagnosed with autism at the age of 29, it was like they were born again. It fundamentally changed how Holmans saw themself and others, and it led to the important realization that they no longer had to live up to neurotypical expectations. "Finally learning the truth allowed me to grow a skill that I'd been lacking for most of my life—self-compassion," Holmans tells Upworthy. Adding that the diagnosis was like a "guidebook" that allowed them to "finally...

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Burnout Self-Care Tips

As counsellors and helpers, we know about vicarious trauma and burnout all too well. This is because many of us walk alongside folks who have experienced very painful things, including emotional and psychological abuse and/or physical and sexual violations and violence. I used to hear and read about self-care strategies early in my career, but they often didn’t resonate with me. I figured I wasn’t doing self-care properly, and it felt like a chore to try some of the strategies...

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ICBC Changes Mean Early Treatment for You

ICBC Changes Mean Early Treatment for You - April 2020 Back in April 2019, ICBC made significant changes to their rehabilitation model. They are now focused on early intervention, meaning you can receive 12 PRE-APPROVED treatment sessions for emotional support (counselling) and physical recovery (kinesiology) IF you receive these in the FIRST 12 WEEKS following your accident. If you are having trouble completing your daily activities, you likely need Occupational Therapy assessment; this...

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RTW after Harassment

We know it’s hard to go back to work after sexual harassment or assault but it is possible. Here are our tips to help you move beyond the past and create your future.

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Cognitive Baseline Testing: An INSURANCE POLICY for my brain

Before a concussion, aging, or a diagnosis of mental illness, my brain worked in a certain way. Now, after one or more of these change, how do I get back to that if my brain function has never been measured? Answer: me and my health care professionals will have guess and hope for the best. However, there's a better way...

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